Spotted Lanternfly

Help Protect Farms, Food, and Trees - Spotted Lanternfly Early Detection 

SPOTTED LANDERTNFLY (SLF): A newly introduced invasive insect whose feeding behavior damages over 70 types of trees and agricultural plants including grapes, hops, orchard trees, and maples - some of New York's most important food crops! Farms and forests need volunteers like you to be on the lookout to protect habitats and communities state-wide.

HOW TO VOLUNTEER: In 2020, when spotted lanternfly was first found in New York City, partners from NY iMapInvasives, the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, and the Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation joined together to create a citizen science project to help limit the impact of SLF. Visit the volunteer project page from NY iMapInvasives and get involved today! Join an upcoming training to know what to look for, how to adopt a survey region, and how to report observations to New York’s official invasive species database.

ADOPT A GRID SQUARE: NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets and the Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation have identified 1km grid squares across the state where volunteer survey efforts would be most helpful. These may be close to known infestations, along major pathways, and/or near important commodities that could be harmed by SLF. Use the interactive map below to sign up for a grid square and survey one or two areas within that are publicly and safely accessible.