• The-Adirondacks

    The Adirondacks

    There are few other opportunities in conservation to protect
    a wild landscape of this scale from invasive species.
  • Partners

    Power Through Partnerships

    Collaborating with more than 30 cooperating organizations,
    and hundreds of volunteers to protect the Adirondack region from
    the negative impacts of non-native invasive species.
  • Innovation-&-Adaptive-Change

    Innovation & Adaptive Change

    Using the latest science and technology
    to increase conservation impact.

Our Mission

APIPP’s mission is to work in partnership to minimize the impact of invasive species on the Adirondack region’s communities, lands, and waters.

What are invasive species?

Invasive species have been called the bullies of the natural world. They’re plants, and they’re insects. They’re fish, and they’re animals. They’re all sorts of living things that are not native to our region and cause significant harm.


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Sites Restored

Invasive Species Affect Us All

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