Fall Partner Meeting Recordings; Summer 2021 Highlights; Uninvited

Fall Partner Meeting Recordings; Summer 2021 Highlights; Uninvited

Dear Partners:

Happy Thanksgiving! In this season of giving thanks, the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program staff thank all of our partners and volunteers for their extraordinary work this year.

Thanks as well to those of you who attended the APIPP Fall Partner Meeting on November 4. Over 40 people joined the call to hear about the summer 2021 season (highlights below and recording available here). Participants also heard from our featured speakers from Adirondack Watershed Institute about summer highlights and aquatic invasive species pathways and USDA APHIS about emerald ash borer biocontrols. In addition, we were happy to showcase the work of some our partners in a slide show during the break. Click the links above to access the meeting recordings and slides. 

A final thanks to the more than 80 people who joined us for the screening of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation’s new “Uninvited” documentary on November 5. If you have not seen this documentary yet, check it out on YouTube.

APIPP 2021 Season Highlights
Highlights from APIPP’s summer season were shared at the November 4 Partner Meeting, a few fun facts are below. Our complete annual report will be published in January 2022 and we look forward to sharing it with you.

APIPP Aquatic Program Highlights
APIPP was pleased to report that in its 20th season, volunteers surveyed nearly 50 lakes for aquatic invasive species (AIS). The early-detection team from Adirondack Research surveyed 51 lakes. A total of 109 lakes were surveyed by volunteers, the early-detection team and APIPP staff. Fortunately, this year’s data continue to show that more than 75% of the Adirondack lakes surveyed remain free of AIS.

Adirondack Watershed Institute (AWI)
AWI also reported on its 2020 season. AWI’s seasonal stewards inspected 84,817 boats and found 2,227 with AIS. AWI stewards decontaminated 3,702 boats. Thanks to AWI for operating this amazing spread-prevention network.

Summer 2020 Terrestrial Program Highlights
APIPP’s terrestrial invasive species early-detection and rapid-response crew and staff completed 3,100 assessments and treated 739 infestations of 14 species. Adellia Baker and Megan Grega, our seasonal stewards, surveyed 38 campgrounds and over 130 recreational access points! The knotweed project assisted 85 landowners with treatment of this invasive plant. APIPP also treated 586 hemlock trees on Dome Island in Lake George to help control hemlock woolly adelgid. There is good news, 76% of APIPP’s priority terrestrial invasive species infestations are currently under active management  or have been successfully removed.

Summer 2020 Education and Outreach Highlights
APIPP hosted or participated in 11 summer and fall events with a wide variety of partners and reached over 500 participants between June and October. All were recorded. APIPP’s new outreach materials were distributed to more than 100 partners and are displayed in more than 250 locations. You can still order materials here.

With thanks and gratitude during this season of Thanksgiving,