Earth Day Partner Updates and Video Recordings Available

Earth Day Partner Updates and Video Recordings Available

APIPP's Earth Day Spring 2020 Partner Meeting Round Up

Many thanks to those who started their Earth Day by joining the APIPP Spring Partner Meeting. See below for links to the Partner Activity Summary shared at the meeting, the recorded presentations, and upcoming Emerald Ash Borer, iMapInvasive and other trainings.

Over 40 people joined APIPP’s Spring Partner Meeting on Earth Day. Landowners, citizen-science volunteers and partners from state and federal agencies, research institutions, nonprofit organizations and lake associations all attended. The diversity of individuals helping to address the economic and ecologic impact of invasive species is the hallmark of the APIPP partner network. For the full list of partner updates shared during the meeting click here.

April 22 Presentation Recordings Available

Biological Controls: Rob Williams, program director for the Saint Lawrence Eastern Lake Ontario (SLELO) PRISM, gave a great feature presentation on biological controls for invasive species. Rob distilled complex information about biocontrol development and use into a concise and engaging presentation. He covered emerging biocontrols for aquatic and terrestrial plant species, including research SLELO PRISM is doing on swallow-wort control. Click here for the recording.

APIPP 2019 Research Findings: APIPP advanced its lake mapping and terrestrial invasive species research in 2019. Aquatic invasive species project coordinator, Erin Vennie-Vollrath, and Conservation and GIS Analyst, Zack Simek, put together a very informative presentation about APIPP’s work and 2019 research findings. Click here for the recording.

Upcoming Webinars!

  • Emerald Ash Borer Biological Control – April 29 – 11:00am – 12:00pm: Monthly PRISM webinar with guest speaker, Dr. Russ Bulluck, National Operations Manager, USDA APHIS PPQ. Meeting online here.  

  • iMapInvasives: Mobile App Training - May 13 – 1:00-2:00pm: Need a solitary or family activity to get outside while still social distancing? Join this webinar to learn how to map invasive species in your area from your mobile device! RSVP online here

  • Map and Compass Fundamentals Workshop – June 6 – 9:00amAdirondack Mountain Club is offering an introduction to map reading, compass use and triangulation to help participants feel more confident with backcountry travel. There is a fee for this workshop. Register online here