Goats, Birds, Native Plants, and Youth Activities: May Invasive Species Webinars

Goats, Birds, Native Plants, and Youth Activities: May Invasive Species Webinars

Happy May! APIPP is gearing up for the summer season and will continue its terrestrial and aquatic invasive species survey and response teams. Invasive Plant Control will return to conduct our terrestrial work and Adirondack Research will be surveying up to 40 lakes in the northern region of the park. Our partners have a lot of great trainings coming up this month. Please check out links below to explore some exticing topics!

  • Birds and Invasives – May 7 – 2:00-3:00pm: The relationship between birds and invasive species can be complex. On the surface, many invasive species may seem like a boon for our native birds, but as we look deeper into their impacts on our ecosystems, we see that all isn’t as it once seemed. Join Andrea Locke, WNY PRISM Coordinator, as she sheds some light on these complexities and discusses invasive bird species, invasive species impacts on native bird populations and management strategies. Please use this login information if you’d like to join in!

Via Computer (https://bit.ly/BirdsandInvasivesWebWNYPRISM2020)   

  • A Giant Problem - The Battle Against Giant Hogweed - May 13 – 12:00-1:00pm: Join Naja Kraus, NYS DEC Region 3, and Patty Wakefield-Brown, Finger Lakes PRISM, for the Finger Lakes PRISM's Invasive Species: Know, Observe & Report Webinar Series. Join the webinar here. https://hws.zoom.us/j/817302876

  • Invasive Species Control Using Goats– May 19 – 12:00-1:00pm: The use of livestock to control undesirable vegetation is growing in popularity. However, less is known about the pros and cons of this technique in comparison to other management methods. Dr. Katherine Marchetto, post-doctoral associate at University of Minnesota, will discuss her research on the effects of goat browsing on the invasive shrub, common buckthorn. Gavin Deming, Executive Director of Allegheny GoatScape, and Jake Langeslag, owner of Goat Dispatch, LLC, will share their observations from the field and provide webinar attendees with practical information on grazing goats to control invasive species. Please register in advance.
  • Goat’s Available for Hire in Watertown: If you are interested in working with goats for invasive plant control, John Northrup, a diary producer in Watertown, will make his goats available for hire. On-the-job training is provided. If your organization is interested in working with goats, you can contact John at jmnorthrop@hotmail.com. If you plan to do invasive control work with goats, APIPP would love to know about your project! 

  • Learn to Plant with Native Species – May 20 – 1:00-3:30pm: Join Sue Gwise, Cornell Cooperative Extension‘s Horticulture Educator and Master Gardener Coordinator, and Megan Pistolese, SLELO PRISM‘s Outreach and Education Coordinator, as they discuss native plants for your yard. Matt Schlesinger, Chief Zoologist with New York’s Natural Heritage Program, will discuss how you can support community science through photographing pollinators in your own backyard. You will learn how to detect non-natives on your property, native alternatives for common invasive ornamental plants, and how to attract pollinators to your yard. Please register in advance.

Activity Guide for Kids: Are you looking for something to do with kids at home or to teach in your virtual classroom? Finger Lakes PRISM has a great resource guide on its website with puzzles, word and math games, scavenger hunts and more. Download curriculum and activities for free by visiting their website. NYS DEC has an array of k-12 curricula and activities surrounding invasive species education for teachers, parents, and alternative educators. Explore their offerings and download for free online