Free Trainings Offered in Invasive Species I.D. and Management

Free Trainings Offered in Invasive Species I.D. and Management

Keene Valley, NY (June 12, 2015) - The Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP) is hosting several events this summer, including, both aquatic and terrestrial training sessions, in several towns across the park. APIPP will also be holding its first “Gardening and Landscaping with Native/Non-Invasive Ornamental Plants in the Adirondacks” workshop, a one day event featuring presentations by local plant and garden experts. All events are free and open to the public.

APIPP’s terrestrial invasive plant management training sessions for landowners will provide instruction on how to manage troublesome invasive plants such as Japanese knotweed and garlic mustard. Participants will learn how to identify common invasive terrestrial plants and how to apply effective management techniques on their own lands. The training will include both presentations and in-field demonstrations. Landowners, landscapers, gardeners, and highway department staff are encouraged to attend.

Terrestrial Invasive Plant Management Training

Wednesday, June 17th (10am-12pm) – Elizabethtown Social Center in Elizabethtown

Monday, July 13th (10am-12pm) – Warrensburg Town Hall in Warrensburg

Saturday, July 25th (10am-12pm) – Westport Heritage House in Westport

Thursday, July 30th (10am-12pm) – Waverly Town Hall in St. Regis Falls

 APIPP’s aquatic plants and aquatic animals identification trainings for volunteers will train participants on how to identify aquatic invasive plants such as Eurasian watermilfoil and curly-leaf pondweed, as well as how to perform simple surveys to detect their presence in a waterbody. Mark Malchoff, Aquatic Resources Specialist for the Lake Champlain Sea Grant Program, will help lead the aquatic animals training, which will focus on invasive animals such as Asian clam and spiny waterflea. Data collected by volunteers is essential to protecting Adirondack waterways from harmful invaders: Knowing the regional distribution of problem species aids in prevention, early detection, and rapid response efforts.

Aquatic Invasive Plant Identification Trainings:

Tuesday, June 23rd (10am-2pm) – Darrin Freshwater Institute in Bolton Landing

Thursday, June 25th (10am-2pm) – Pine Room at Paul Smith’s College

Tuesday, June 30th (10am-2pm) – Speculator Park Pavilion in Speculator

Aquatic Invasive Animal Identification Training:

Tuesday, August 4th (1pm-4pm) – Warren County Cornell Cooperative Extension in Warrensburg

 On July 18th, as part of Invasive Species Awareness Week, and with support from the Adirondack Garden Club, APIPP is holding “Gardening and Landscaping with Native/Non-Invasive Ornamental Plants in the Adirondacks,” a three-hour event featuring local experts presenting on topics such as the new statewide Invasive Species Prevention Act regulations and local case studies using native plants.

Gardening and Landscaping with Native Plants

Saturday, July 18th (9:30am-12:30pm) – Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek

 For all events, RSVP to APIPP’s Seasonal Educator Jane Raffaldi, at or (518) 576-2082 ext. 120. Please include your name, email address, phone number, and town of residence and be sure to specify which training you will be attending. Walk-ins welcome.

APIPP is a partnership program among governmental and nongovernmental organizations that is housed by the Adirondack Chapter of The Nature Conservancy in Keene Valley. Funding for APIPP is provided from the Environmental Protection Fund as administered by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.