Become a Volunteer

We need your help to keep invasive species out of the Adirondacks. Learn about the volunteer opportunities available with APIPP’s Aquatic and Terrestrial Projects or contact us if you have your own volunteer project in mind.

Volunteer with APIPP’s Aquatic Project

APIPP’s Aquatic Project provides training to volunteers on how to survey for and document aquatic invasive species. Once trained on species identification and survey methods, volunteers select an Adirondack water body of interest to survey and paddle along the shore looking for aquatic invasive plants. Volunteers can also survey for aquatic invasive animals such as spiny waterflea and Asian clams using plankton tows and sediment sieves.

Volunteer with APIPP’s Terrestrial Project

APIPP’s Terrestrial Project provides training to volunteers on how to survey for, document and control terrestrial invasive species. Once trained on species identification, survey methods, and best management practices, volunteers select a priority area in the Adirondacks to survey or infestation(s) to manage.

Invasive species presence/absence and management data recoreded by volunteers is incorporated into APIPP’s invasive species distribution map and iMapinvasives. This information helps inform and improve APIPP’s future invasive species prevention and management efforts.

Interested in participating in one of APIPP’s volunteer opportunities? Contact us!

Volunteer throws a rake toss to survey for aquatic invasive plants.