Volunteer with APIPP

APIPP volunteers play a vital role in helping monitor and manage invasive species on land and in water across all six million acres of Adirondack Park. Our Aquatic and Terrestrial Programs rely on the help of concerned residents, businesses, and organizations to protect the natural resources and economic stablity of the region for future generations. Join these efforts by participating in a training, get started in citizen science mapping, sign up to monitor your favorite lake or trail, and get in touch if you have your own project in mind! Read below to learn more about APIPP's Volunteer Efforts:


AIS Volunteers


Waterways Surveyed


Terrestrial Sites Surveyed


Terrestrial Infestations Mapped

Volunteer On Water

  • Volunteers learn how to identify, survey, and record data about aquatic invasive plants and animals.
  • Once trained, select an Adirondack water body of interest to track plant growth while you paddle throughout the season.
  • Carry out hands-on surveys looking for aquatic invasive mollusks and zooplankton to report.

Volunteer on Land

  • Learn how to survey for, document, and control the spread of invasive plants and animals living on land.
  • Whether its your favorite trail or a target species that moves you, volunteers choose where and what to focus their monitoring efforts on.
  • Help limit the spread of pesky plants along popular trails or backcountry wilderness by installing boot brush stations at trailheads near you.