Training Videos and Documentaries

APIPP is currently working to develop its own suite of invasive species prevention and management training videos which will be made available in 2017. Below is a list of other invasive species related training videos and documentaries developed by partner organizations that are relevant to the Adirondack region.

“Protect Your Adirondacks, Keep Phragmites Out” – Protect your Adirondack wetlands by keeping invasive species out. Learn how to identify and control Phragmites.

“Protect Your Adirondacks, Keep Knotweed Out” – Protect your Adirondack rivers by keeping invasive species out. Learn how to identify and control Knotweed.

“How to Protect Adirondack Waters from Aquatic Invasive Species” – There are simple steps anyone can take to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. Learn how to complete the Clean, Drain, Dry process to ensure your boat or canoe isn’t transporting unwanted hitchhikers.

“Preventing the Introduction and Spread of Invasive Species in New York” – New York has a critical role to play in preventing the spread of harmful invasive species. Learn more and find out what simple steps you can take to protect our waters, forests and economies.

“Woolly Bully: Monitoring the Impending Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Infestation” – This video provides an overview of a collaborative hemlock remote sensing project APIPP and partners participated in with NASA’s Develop Program.

“The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid – A Film About the Loss of an Ecosystem” – An educational documentary on the impacts of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid in New York – by Chris Foito and the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network.

“Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Aquatic Invasive Species Spread Prevention Instructional Video” – An instructional video on how sea plan operators can prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.