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SUP Festival

Watershed Steward, Stephanie Korzec, staffing an invasive species display at the 2nd annual Stand-up Paddleboard Festival.

On June 21-22, APIPP Summer Educator, Billy Martin, along with Paul Smith’s Watershed Steward Weekend Supervisor, Stephanie Korzec, and Watershed Steward, Jackie McCabe, spent two days at the second annual SUP (stand-up paddleboard) Festival on the shore of Lake Colby in the Village of Saranac Lake. Billy, Stephanie, and Jackie shared a booth at the festival to promote awareness and education about invasive species and the vectors for their transport. The festival and the weather were ideal for watersports, which brought a diverse crowd of visitors to the invasive species information table. The event was a great success, highlighting multiple stakeholders valuing a common goal: the preservation of our water resources and the natural environment!
Special thanks to Adirondack Lakes & Trails for sponsoring the event.
Keep watercraft and equipment clean! Clean, drain, and dry after each use to prevent the transport of invasive species.
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