Yellow Iris

Common Name: Yellow iris
Scientific Name: Iris pseudacorus
Origin: Europe, Asia, Africa


Yellow iris is an herbaceous perennial that can grow between 3-4 feet. The broad, lance shaped leaves are stiff and erect. The yellow, showy flowers bloom from April to June.


Yellow iris is found along the edges of lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. It grows well in freshwater wetlands and can tolerate high acidity.


This plant forms large, clonal populations that displace native species and offer nutrient-poor forage for wildlife.

NYS Threat Ranking Assessment Score = High, 76.00


Caution should be used when hand-pulling this plant, as it can cause skin irritation. Digging up the root ball of individual plants can be effective. Cutting and injecting systemic herbicide into each flowering stalk can also be very effective. Native blue flag iris is a good landscaping alternative to this ornamental, wetland invader.

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