2013 Japanese Knotweed Summit

August 5th, 2013


  • Brendan Quirion, 1 – Japanese Knotweed Overview: Problem in the Adirondacks, Pathways of Spread, & Program Progress
  • Paul Rischmiller – Integrated Pest Management
  • Brendan Quirion, 2 – Japanese Knotweed Planning & Treatment Options
  • Joe Lentz– Taking Action in the Adirondacks (products and new technology)
  • John Bennett – NYSDEC Pest Management
  • Mark Rooks – Permitting for Pesticide Use Near Wetlands
  • Ed Frantz – Japanese Knotweed/Transportation Best Practices and Transportation Control Efforts in the Park
  • Douglas Johnson – Regional Inlet Invasive Plant Program (RIIPP)
  • Rob Williams– Management of Japanese Knotweed on the Salmon River & within the Salmon River Estuary
  • Brian Colleran – Growth and Control of Flood-dispersed Japanese Knotweed in the Wake of Tropical Storm Irene