Recorded Presentations

State agency staff hosted a Hydrilla Workshop and invited partners to discuss proactive measures to take to manage the aggressive invasive plant hydrilla, if it arrives in the Adirondack Park.

Whenever possible, APIPP provides recordings of invasive species presentations given by staff at various conferences and meetings. Links to these recordings can be found below.

November 1, 2016: “Post Control Monitoring: Effective Control or Invasion Treadmill? Case Studies from the Adirondack Park” Zachary Simek, Terrestrial Invasive Species Project Coordinator, discusses APIPP’s monitoring protocols and experience managing Phragmites and garlic mustard in the Adirondack Park. Presented at the Cornell In-Service.

November 5, 2015: “The Adirondack AIS Spread Prevention Pilot Program” Brendan Quirion, Program Coordinator for APIPP, presents on the results of the 2015 pilot program. Presented at the Cornell In-Service.

June 2, 2015: “Boats Inspected to Prevent Spread of Invasive Species” Adirondack Watershed Institute lake stewards are interviewed about the new Clifton-Fine boat decontamination station and their role in invasive species spread prevention.

May 14, 2015: “Annual Update from APIPP for Aquatic and Terrestrial Invasive Species Management Programs” APIPP staff provides an update on invasive species distribution and management at the Adirondack Park Agency’s May meeting (Section 42 of the Index in link, beginning at the 5 hour, 32 minute mark).

March 21, 2015: “Utilizing a Terrestrial Invasive Species Rapid Response Team in the Adirondacks: Results and Lessons Learned” Brendan Quirion, Program Coordinator for the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program, discusses the results of using a terrestrial invasive species rapid response team. Presented at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies.

February 5, 2015: “Monitoring and Managing Invasive Species in the Adirondack Park” Erin Vennie-Vollrath, Aquatic Invasive Species Project Coordinator, presents to the New York Chapter of the American Fisheries Society at their annual meeting.