Manage an Infestation

sign-squareThe best and most effective method to control invasive species is to prevent their initial establishment. As an invasive species infestation increases in size and extent, it gets progressively more difficult and expensive to manage effectively. Unfortunately, as infestations expand, the chance of eliminating the species decreases significantly. Eventually, if left unchecked, elimination of the invasive species becomes nearly impossible.

APIPP has developed best management practices (BMPs) to provide expert guidance to individuals and groups seeking to effectively and safely manage invasive species infestations. These BMPs include the latest techniques for species specific management while considering environmental and regulatory restrictions. Anyone actively engaged in invasive species management may be able to adapt or improve BMP’s for their local area based on their experiences. Sharing control successes and challenges allows for the improvement of BMP’s over time.

Check the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Adirondack Park Agency and NYS Department of Transportation websites for up-to-date permit information before engaging in any invasive species management activity within the Adirondack region.

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