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Farewell to Summer Educator, Billy Martin

Billy Martin conducting an aquatic invasive species presentation for the Jenny Lake community on August 10th, 2013.

This has been an unequivocal summer working for APIPP. When I first came on board in mid-May, 2013, I expected to learn a lot about invasive species and how to become an effective educator and natural resource manager. My expectations were far exceeded.

I learned so much from Hilary, Brendan, and Meghan, including plant identification, effective treatments for particular species, effective communication and messaging strategies, and how to navigate multiple tasks involving multiple stakeholders and organizations. My experience as the APIPP team’s Summer Educator was fulfilling and meaningful, and I will carry the experience with me wherever I go.

The Adirondack region is a special place with large, in-tact expanses of wilderness, few invasives, thriving communities, and special people; like the APIPP team, who work hard every day to ensure that the Adirondack allure is balanced and everlasting. APIPP approaches invasive species in the Adirondacks at a comprehensive and manageable scale; they recognize that there is “no silver bullet” in dealing with invasive species issues, but they know how to engage and involve local communities and local people to set targets and achieve goals: many hands make light work.Their work is nationally recognized and should serve as a flagship for other invasive species managers around the world. I’m proud to have been affiliated with the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program, its partner organizations, and its many dedicated volunteers.

This fall I will be moving on to the Adirondack Council to fill their Clarence Petty Internship position, so I won’t be far and will continue to focus my efforts towards cultivating a positive relationship between humans, the economy, and the ecology throughout the Adirondacks.

Keep up the great, inspirational work, APIPP!

All the best.

Billy Martin, signing-off, for now…

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