NYS Program

New York State’s Invasive Species Program At-a-Glance:

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Environmental Protection Fund

  • The invasive species line item of New York’s Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) is the lifeline supporting the infrastructure of the statewide invasive species program, first described in the 2005 NYS Invasive Species Task Force Report, and outlined below. Many of the components are administered as contracts through the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

New York Invasive Species Council

  • Nine state agencies, co-chaired by NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets

New York State Invasive Species Advisory Committee

  • Twenty-five representative stakeholders including environmental, academic, industry groups

NYSDEC Invasive Species Coordination Unit

  • Coordinating staff at the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation housed within the Division of Lands and Forests

Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISMs)

  • PRISMs, comprising diverse stakeholder groups, were created to address threats posed by invasive species across New York State. PRISMs are key to New York’s integrated approach to invasive species management. Partners include federal and state agencies, resource managers, non-governmental organizations, industry, recreationists, and interested citizens. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation provides financial support, via the Environmental Protection Fund, to host organizations that coordinate each of the eight PRISMs, resulting in statewide coverage.


  • Web-based invasive species distribution and mapping database that stores and displays statewide invasive species occurrence, treatment, and assessment information for agencies and citizens alike.

New York Invasive Species Clearinghouse

  • Web-based gateway to access timely and accurate invasive species information as well as a calendar of events detailing upcoming invasive species events/news of interest

New York Invasive Species Research Institute

  • Virtual institute that serves the scientific research community, natural resource/land managers, and state agencies by promoting information-sharing and by developing recommendations for research, priority setting, management and monitoring to improve the scientific basis of invasive species prevention and management

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